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Financial Reporting

We aim to help clients meet their financial reporting obligations and to assist clients with meeting their reporting needs. Whether it is interpreting a new accounting standard, proposing changes to accounting policies or preparing financial statements to meet user’s needs, we have the resources to help you.

Often organisations or businesses need independent advice on how to best address application of accounting standards and to assist with the preparation of their financial statements to meet the needs of users. Dean Newbery’s services are designed to improve the financial reporting framework and to ease the burden on preparers of financial reports.

Our services also include preparing the necessary working papers to meet external audit requirements. 

How we can help: 

  • Preparation of General Purpose Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Special Purpose Financial Statements
  • Preparation and Maintenance of Fixed Asset Registers
  • Preparation and maintenance of Asset Lease Registers (per Australian Accounting Standard requirements)
  • Preparation of Employee Entitlement estimates (per Australian Accounting Standard requirements)
  • Technical advice
  • Provide regular updates on changes to Accounting Standards

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